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    Welcome to Power92.3 FM

    Power92 is a Black Light Indigenous Corporation initiative.  BLIC developed Power92.3 FM as a tool to be used by Loddon Mallee individuals and organisations to provide a voice in support of the Indigenous Population of Victoria.

    We are here to support and preserve Indigenous culture, stories, ways, languages and voices.  We provide music, talk comedy and local news.  Our station broadcasts in Mildura on 92.3 FM and in Robinvale 89.9 FM.

    Take a 5-minutes tour to explore our voice.

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    Record Your Sound

    We have worked very hard to provide a local Indigenous Recording studio.  We want you to come and record your voice or music.  The recording studio is separate from the broadcasting studio but in the same building.  The studio is designed to capture quality sound and mix it in with music to create a nice blend of voice and music.  This means you can make your own songs.

    We allow hours of scheduled time for you to come and record.  Just contact us on Facebook and schedule a time.  Groups and individuals are welcome to come and record.

    So how does it work?

    We schedule a time for you to come into the studio and have a quick tour.  I will take you through the recording studio and show you how it works and how you can record your sound.  The cost is $10/hour.  But remember the first hour is free and a lot can get done in an hour.

    You can record your voice to music or even make your own musical masterpiece with our instruments (or bring your own).  We will be there in the studio with you to manage the recording process 100% of the time so it's easier for you to do what you come for.

    But don't take my word for it, contact us via Facebook now and take the tour and book your free hour.


    We can produce wonderful content geared around the Indigenous Communities of Northern Loddon Mallee but we need help to diversify our sound.  By becoming a volunteer you can help us create quality audio and radio shows.  Your personality is welcome!  If you like to talk or just comment on current affairs like music, artists, news, local events or even fashion and style, you are welcome.  And if you just want to tell your story, you are welcome too.

    Come volunteer!  Organizations welcome to send representatives to be guests on the radio station as long as they do not plug events and programs outside of paid advertisements.

    Each person in our region has a voice.  Let it be heard!

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